We have not disappeared!

Hi Everyone!

I have a few minutes today and wanted everyone to know that Fez and I have not fallen off the earth. A few weeks ago I brought home another bunny that was rescued from the same place as Fez was, a nightmarish farm where they were being raised for meat. Norbert is a New Zealand white and he bears many emotional scars from this place. I have been slowly gaining his trust lately. In addition a good friend has suffered a terrible loss and illness in her rabbits, and I have been busy organizing a few things for Rabbit Rescue Inc. as well. I have some new pictures, Fez sure is growing! He is nearing 9lbs now! I will post a proper blog within the next few days, and have been missing all of your stories and hi jinx. Here is a Monday Bunday picture! This is Abbey of course, looking for treats. Hope you have some for her!

Fez's Mom


We missed Monday Bunday

Mom is FINALLY back! She came home to a great new decorating theme in the apartment, I liked to call it ContemPoo-ary Chic. Abbey and I went to great lengths decorating the long carpet runner with doots. We agreed it was definitely cutting-edge. However, Mom lacks artistic vision and insight. She threw our work in the GARBAGE! Can you believe it?

We did get treats though. To make up for missing Monday Bunday, please enjoy the videos Mom made of Abbey and I opening a box of raisins. I let her have most on purpose, actually, because I'm a gentleman.