Hoppy Holidays!

So, we are totally over not going to the top levels. It did torture mom, but they are just so fun! See Norbert enjoying it up there!? He likes to climb down along all the boxes. Wheeeee!
So we thought maybe we should give mom a break. It's not nice to torture her. The other slave was giving her presents too, so we didn't want to be upstaged. He gave her this loud thing, she calls it a dyson. She got all excited and ran into our room and turned on the loud thing, and kept schreeching "it's picking up the hay!!!" while she ran around the room. What a whacko. Anyway, we thought since she has so much fun with this thing, we should make sure she has lots to use it on.
I had this bright idea, to throw all the hay and stuff out of our litter boxes and strew it around the room. Then she could come in with the loud thing and get all happy and pick it all up. Brilliant! So, we have started to regularly do this for her. When she walks by and peeks in and sees the gifts we've given, she says things like, "OH! You BUNNIES!" and then gets the loud thing right away. She must really love it.
Yesterday we did it three times. Let me tell you, on the third time, when she saw how generous we are, she was SPEECHLESS. I'm pretty sure I saw a tear in her eye!
So Hoppy Holidays to you all! I hope you can all do something as nice as this for YOUR humans!


Caught in the Act!

Well, she finally figured it out. Norbert and I ventured up to the second level to stretch our legs, and she caught us.

Man, then all the squeaking she did, and jumping around, and picture taking, and more squeaking, and telling the other slave to come and look... I really don't think he cared.
So the fun of torturing her is over. Oh well... I'm sure we can find another way....


Monday Bunday... on the ground level

We are perfectly happy, down here, on the floor.

I believe I will continue to drive the Mom crazy by refusing to climb the ramp. Lately she has started to put Jack up in the upper level... I can tell. I can smell her up there. I bet she's leaving little poops as if it's her own area. But it's not hers. It's mine. I just choose not to go up there.


Sneaking up...

I decided to sneak to the second level in the middle of the sleeping time for Mom. But she caught me! I should have known. She always gets up at night to pet us and refill our hay.

I sat really, really still. I thought maybe she wouldn't see me, then I could sneak back down and she would continue to go insane. But she saw me. And got all squeaky, and took my picture.
Well, the joke is on her. I haven't gone back up since! Ha!


Ahhh.... Friday!

We are so glad that it's Friday! We have a pretty tough life you know.

We work so hard sometimes it's hard to find the energy to even eat! Somehow, we manage...
Mom is still harping on us to try going to explore the other levels. We are still note sure. I guess that really intelligent animals, like rabbits, just don't adapt to change very quickly! She has bribed us with treats, and cajoled us, and even put Abbey up on the second level (! can you believe the indignity?!) but we won't go until we are good and ready!
Happy Friday!


The New Digs

Hi everybun from our new place! Check out our set-up:

There are 6 of those big windows, and lots of space in the rest of the room. Jack has explored a ton. She has even found a spot in the windows to lay in. However..... we three aren't so sure of our new condo.....

See, Mom's put lots of stuff on the second level there, trying to get us to go up there. We remain unconvinced. You can completely forget about the third level at this point.
From Fez's Mom: If anyone has any ideas of how I can entice these cowards to explore their HUGE condo, I'm all ears! I'm tired of seeing them like THIS for half the day:

Squished in one litter box! (Please note.... they are free range in the entire sunroom for 12 hours a day, so still getting lots of exercise.)


I'll Help With Those Boxes...

See, I'm always doing nice things for Mom...

Here I am helping her take care of these moving boxes! I only made a little progress on one corner, before she told me to stop. I guess she didn't want me to over-exert myself. The big move is this weekend!
To answer some of your questions... the humans are moving too!  Mom says we're not going far, just across town.


We are Moving!

Hey bunny rabbits! Guess what?

Yep we are moving! The bunny slaves bought us a bigger place, where the bunnies get to have our own room! No more sharing the living room! A room just for us, the Bunny Room! Rulers of the house! Well, the one room, anyway.

We'll probably be moving over there on October 24th or 25th. But wait... there's more! Check it out...

We are even getting our OWN CONDO!!!! How awesome is that! The three of us will live in the sweet condo from Leith Petwerks above, and Jack is going to have a pen to herself. I can't wait!


A New "Friend"

A couple of weeks ago, we had company come and stay over. It was the Other Slave's mom. Can you guess what she brought with her? A Dog-bunny! He has these funny floppy ears, he must be some kind of lop. Anyway, his name is Russel. He is going to stay with us now. We're not sure what we think of him, and I kind of think the feeling is mutual....

Here he is with Jack. Mom says he's an older guy and we should be nice to him. We don't really bother each other, but you should see him and Jack! It's like this guy doesn't speak rabbit. See, Jack will tell him to GO AWAY with a big scary lunge and a grunt, and you know what he thinks?? He thinks she is playing! He gets this dopey grin and wags his stupid long tail! And he makes this really LOUD noise!

So the rest of us usually just stay still and let him come over and groom us. Then he gets bored and goes away. Not Jack, though. She launches at him in full attack! Yesterday she bit his head. He still thought she was playing. Maybe he speaks some other bunny language.... like Backwards Bunny English or something. Definitely a foreigner.


Monday Bunday, how we've missed you!

We haven't really missed Mondays... but Monday Bunday is another story!
Here are Norbert and I enjoying a cuddle... Until Mom got the stupid camera that is! As far as bunnies go, we have all voted at our house, and decided that Norbert has a HUMONGOUS head. Okay, so I'm 12 lbs of fabulous-ness, and Norbert is only 10 lbs., but look at how much BIGGER his head is than mine!
Anyone else know some big-noggin bunnies? We can have a contest! (Don't worry Norbert we still love you even if your head is mutant-large!)


At Last!

All hail our glorious return!
Mom is finally back in the USA. Actually, she has been back for almost three weeks, but too busy (so she says) to catch up with the blog! We were glad to have her back, though the other bunny slave was very good and took his direction well. Abbey had him eating out of her hand... or rather, hand feeding her so she could eat out of his! She has that effect on humans.
Back to the important part! I sure have missed reading about all of your adventures! It will take me forever to catch up. I don't even have any new photos to share. So I will let Mom fill you in on what she has been up to....
Yes thank you Fez, I am back in the USA. I finally got my visa and am one step closer to my green card. While back in Canada, I had no job and little to do so I began to volunteer at the local SPCA/Humane Society. Where I grew up is a very rural area, and so the shelter was very small and expected to take care of a very large area. We used a converted tractor trailer as the shelter, which had been renovated and insulated, at least half of it, and brought up to code to house people and animals. There were about 70 cats able to be kept at the facility, and more in foster care. Dogs were kept in foster care. The SPCA was also expected to conduct primary investigations and go on emergency and wildlife calls. Since I had nothing else to do, and quickly fell in love with the job of a rescue worker, I devoted most of my time to the shelter for the 11-12 weeks that I was there. In addition, I fostered a little bunny, who came in named "Snow White with Makeup on" but when I discovered it was a male, I renamed him Cooper (think Alice). I do have his pictures to show you...
Cooper having fun with his toys
Cooper visiting the camera
Cooper is a very good bunny, about 5 months old, learned his litter habits after he was neutered and is very playful and affectionate. Every time you pet him he lays down right away, and he gives kisses like crazy. He is still looking for a forever home, so put the word out all you Southern Ontarians!
I got back at the end of August and since then we have bought a condo (2 bedrooms yay!) and we have also just taken in a new doggy friend, named Russel. Russel is an 8 year old Beagle, who is epileptic, but it's under control. He is a very good dog and is getting along well with the bunnies.
Okay okay, you have gone on long enough! We can update you all more another time... now to catch up!


Cupid: A special Valentine's bunny

This is Cupid, shortly after he arrived at the rescue. Cupid is burned in my memory, both for his happy ending, as well as the horrific way that we found him. As you can see in the picture above, he is scruffy, dirty, and bony (note his jutting hip). When we got the call from the shelter he was at, they told us he didn't seem to be eating. We had little room in the rescue, but in these cases where the rabbit needs vet care, we often will find the room and step in to see what we can do.
I drove to the shelter Valentine's day of last year, dreading it as I always do during shelter visits. I knew that I could only take the one bunny as we didn't have any other room. My heart ached for the others there and I braced myself even before walking in. All that I had been told, was there was one bunny not eating. I was not prepared for what I found.
When I walked in, I saw him immediately. I barely announced to the staff that I had arrived before running to the cage that Cupid was in and pulling it open. Even from across the room I could see how diminished and bony he was. When I picked him up, a feeling of horror coursed through me - it felt like I was lifting a furry sack filled with bones. In his cage, his food was untouched, and not a single poop. I nuzzled him, doing all I could not to burst into tears, wrapped him in some towels and put him in the carrier. In the car, I drove as quickly as I dared - fearing the entire time that he would have a heart attack before we could get him to the vet. I dropped him off with another volunteer (Fluffy's mom!) to finish the journey, and the look on her face when she saw him mirrored my own. He tugged her heartstrings, as he had mine, and she named him Cupid.
Cupid had been surrendered by his owner to the shelter. He was that way when they got him. He had been so neglected that he was starving and his owners didn't even notice or care. But he made it. He pulled through, weighing in at 2.2 lbs (less than half of an average holland lop). Miraculously, he had no internal damage to his organs. He made wonderful progress in his foster home, putting on weight and stealing everyone's heart. He was dirty, and missing a lot of fur, but he soon could clean himself without falling over, and his fur grew back. He was affectionate and trusting, showing little sign of the horrific past he had suffered. He was happily adopted and now lives with his loving, forever family.
To see some better pictures of Cupid, visit this link and scroll down about 1/3 of the way. You will find Cupid's story, and a before and after picture of him. His story is a close call, but a happy ending - one of the rabbits that make those of us who volunteer in animal rescue remember that it's worth it.


Catherine: Home at Last

As promised, I'm posting some stories about bunnies that Rabbit Rescue has adopted out, that I have been the adoption co-ordinator for.

First I want to tell you about Catherine. Here she is....
Catherine is very special to me. Partly, it is because she looks a lot like my Abbey. She is also an English Spot, and has a very sweet and loving personality. She has been adopted out and returned to the rescue three times now. The last time, I was very upset with her return. We all thought this girl had finally found her forever home. So, we reposted her on the website, and placed her back in her foster home where she had previously been. This particular foster home is wonderful, and really understands Catherine. Cath even jumps in bed and sleeps with her foster mom. She loves the cats in the home, and loves to play and binky, despite being bounced around so much.
Some of you might remember my post about Snarfy, who passed away tragically. Catherine was returned at about that same time. A few weeks later, while checking out the Rabbit Rescue website, looking at bunny pictures, Snarfy's adoptive mom saw Catherine. She send an email asking about her, and literally I got goosebumps. I knew how hard the loss had been on her, and that she was a wonderful and dedicated bunny mom. When she asked about Catherine, it immediately felt right - I knew they were meant to be together. Catherine has finally found her home forever, and I know that she will stay there and be loved, the way that she deserves!


Safe and Sound... but without bunnies...

Hi all, Fez's Mom here, Amy. I've arrived back at my mom's house safely in Canada. Luckily the weather is beautiful! No bunnies here for me, so I'll have to keep up with my bunny blogosphere for a daily fix. I will get to bunnysit Fluffy McFlufferson and his buddies next weekend while his family is away for a vacation!             

Also while here I do have a doggy companion named Austin, a little mutt belonging to my mom who likes to sleep on my pillow when I am here. In order to provide bunny pictures and some warm and fuzzies for you all, I've decided to post some stories of some of the rescues I have done with Rabbit Rescue over my time volunteering with them. I continue to volunteer even when I am in Virginia, they are a wonerful group and very close to my heart. I have many heartwarming stories from them, including of course all four of my own rascals - but you know their stories!


She's leaving us again....

Yep, she is the worst bunny Mom. She is leaving us with the Other slave again. This time for over a month!

Norbert is so upset he's eating paper... and me?
Passed out in shock. She has to go back to Canada and finish sorting out the whole visa thing. She said she'll be back in July for a bit, but mostly will be back and forth.
We still get attention and treats when she is gone... and this time she better bring us back some really good stuff to make up for being away AGAIN!


Mr. Flopper

Norbert is the King of Flops around here.
He flops around just about anywhere. His paws even stick straight out and he is OUT COLD! He freaks out Mom because when he's out like this, his eyes are still open, and kind of rolled back in his head, haha!
For more flopping action, visit Buttons over at FurryButts.
Norbert! You're Drooling!!!


Monday Bunday, and Happy Mothers Day!

See? There is a heart there, for all the mothers! Okay, it's kind of ripped up. And Abbey's look is a little disapproving. But still, you know, Happy Mother's day! Yesterday.... We're bunnies, what more do you want from us!?
Norbert is feeling much better, thanks to all for the good wishes! Now to answer some questions... No, in the USA we don't have to get any vaccines! Whatever those are! Mom just told me no, and that I should be glad. I guess I believe her. RG... I am too manly for snuggles. If you must though, please include a treat when you send them over! And to PJ... Norbert LOVES ear rubs!!! He is such a suck.
So now back to ME! I'M upset. I have to get brushed again!


The V-E-T

Poor Norbert! He and Abbey went to the vet yesterday. Mom took them in for their check ups. Something was weird with Norbert's teeth though, mom said they were growing in funny in the back. So the vet, he knocked him on the head, and yanked out his teeth!!!
"He did not, Fez."
Well, he might as well have! Okay, okay. So he knocked him out, but not by a smack in the head. And he didn't yank out any teeth. He just trimmed some of them at the back. But when Norbert got home he was all dopey, and look! Tears! He was crying! The vet made him cry!
"That's eye lubricant, Fez. Norbert didn't cry. He was very brave."
SIGH. Fine, Mom. Whatever you say.
Norbert is feeling a lot better now, and he is eating! He said that before, his teeth were bugging him a bit, and sometimes he wouldn't eat all his pellets. Instead he would eat cardboard. Well, more than usual. Abbey got a clean bill of health though!
One thing is for SURE. I am NOT going to the vet. EVER!


Monday Bunday!

YESSSS! Here we are! You have all been so patient.
Mom DID groom us. It was awful. SEE!?

That's just from me and Norbert. We didn't enjoy the grooming. However, we have been enjoying the treats that she's been giving us, since she feels so guilty for leaving! The best part is that she'll be coming and going all summer! Do you know what that means? MORE TREATS! Guilt treats are great!  Here is a picture of Abbey and I chilling out in our castle. Yeah, we have a castle. It's pretty awesome. I made my ear extra floppy for all my fans...

So my weirdo mom also asked me to share some of her artwork. She was pretty pleased with herself. Again, may I say that Norbert and I are. not. impressed.


From the Some Bunny's Mom!

Just a note to let you all know that I am back in Virginia with the bunnies! I missed them a lot, but they were well taken care of. They are quite shaggy since they are shedding, and need a good brushing (which they will disagree with completely). Otherwise, all is well.

I'm working on catching up with everyone, and will post some pictures within the next couple days!

- The Some Bunny Slave


Checking In

Mom got back to Canada safe and sound. We are less impressed over here. We are getting out for lots of exercise though.
Jack has gone into her destructo-bunny mode, that is what happens when Mom goes away for too long. Jack is pretty bonded to her. The slave that Mom left here to take care of us has been keepin gour pens nice and clean, and then gave Jack some extra cuddles to try to curb her carpet chewing.
Personally, I don't think we're getting enough treats so far...


Jack's Favourite Spot

This is Jack's favourite place to hang out! It's outside on the balcony. Our apartment here has a protected balcony, and Mom lets Jack go out there and hang out. She likes to smell EVERYTHING then eventually will lay down and nap. Only in nice weather though! When it's her out time, she runs to the balcony door and puts her paws up and looks at Mom until she lets her out. 
We don't really go out there though. Jack says it's cool but we haven't really made the venture yet. Maybe soon! In other news.....
Mom is leaving us! She has to go back to Canada for three weeks! Jack told me the real reason she has been going outside is to catalogue everything that she can destroy in protest of Mom's absense. She will miss her, and so will Abbey. Norbert and I will be ambivalent, of course... at least that is what we will be making her believe! She says we will still get treats and pets and get taken care of really well, but I'm not so sure...


Monday Bunday: All Tuckered Out!

Wow! We all sure had a blast over at Maelstrom's concert this weekend. Thanks so much Ann and Cadbury for all of your hard work raising some money for charity!
It was a lot of fun and excitement, and now, I need a rest! See? Mr. Flopsy ear is so tired out he's completely lopped over!
Being a rock star is hard work!


We will ROCK YOU!

That's right, there is a Bunny Benefit Bash! With a performance from Maelstrom, and a music video featuring some very awesome rock star bunnies (including yours truly)!
Do you know what the best part is? It's all to raise money for bunny rescues. And do you know the even BESTEST part!?
RABBIT RESCUE INC., won the most votes! That means that the proceeds raised at the concert will be donated to them! For those of you who don't know, this is the rescue that Me, Abbey, Norbert, and Miss Jack are all from!
Hop on over to Cadbury's blog for more info...


Monday Bunday!

Five more minutes...
Wait, you are the one that has to go to work, why are you bugging me!?
Mom puts this carrier in our pen sometimes. Fez and I like to get in it together and snuggle up! Mom thinks it barely holds us, but we think it's just the right spot for a good cuddle. Not with her, of course. Only with each other. And no room for Abbey!
She gets grumpy at being left out and we have to give her extra ear kisses later... but it's worth it!


A Sad Loss

When Mom came home yesterday she sat with us for a long time stroking our ears and giving us kisses. She told Norbert and I that we had all lost a friend and we were all very sad for a while. Our friend and brother from the Barrie Bunnies known as Mr. Bingley, or more fondly, as Snarfy, passed away on Monday night.
Mom is very upset as she remembered him very well and transported him from the rescue day to his foster home. He was a big trouble maker (like me) and she always felt he was very special. He was abopted to a wonderful home 5 months ago. He had an accident and was very hurt, and his family made the decision to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge.
We also send our thoughts over to Mel at Evil Bunny Overlord, as she was a wonderful foster home for Bing for several months, and helped him to open up and feel loved.
We will all miss you, Snarfy!


Stupid Flashy-box!

Mom... we WERE sleeping...
Thanks for all the comments about the Barrie Bunnies and our Bunniversary! The other Barrie Bunnies that came in to Rabbit Rescue were adopted out, and have wonderful homes. Many were adopted by their foster homes, because we are very special bunnies!


Happy Bunniversary to all the "Barrie Bunnies!"

One year ago today...

I was one of the baby bunnies taken from the farm. Norbert was all grown up already. Mom began fostering me, but soon fell for my furry adorableness and adopted me. THEN I started to cause trouble! She adopted Norbert in June.

Baby Me! I fit in Mom's hand!

So scared my first night at Mom's... She had to force feed me for about a week!

Look how small I am! From the start, I always liked to stretch...
...and flop!
Here is Norbert, soon after coming to our house, learning to relax!
And he found out he likes to flop too!
All the while, my ears were growing...
And we all know how that has turned out! Mom gave us tons of snuggles and kisses last night and this morning. It was a little embarrassing, really. A year ago today, we were taken out of the "meat farm" and now here we are, spoiled house rabbits. We would all like to thank, from the bottom of our furry feet, Rabbit Rescue Inc., and wish all our fellow "Barrie Bunnies" well today!



We haven't had a pretty Abbey picture up in a while! She gets everything she wants by batting those long lashes and giving a certain look with her big brown eyes...I always give in and groom her!

Tomorrow is a very special day everybun... Can you guess what it is?


Norbert's Beard

See, it kinda looks like a fat chin from this angle... but it isn't! Norbert has a beard! Man, he is so cool.
We had the patio door open all weekend! It was so nice to smell the outsides.


Nonsense and Stuff

Mom says we are getting lazy.

I don't know what the heck she is talking about!

On a side note (it's a side note because it's about MOM and not ME), Mom is going to be setting up some Rabbit Education days with the rescue she is volunteering with here. It's called Friends of Rabbits. She is hoping to have an education day once every month or every two months, over at PetMAC Arlington, who are wonderful for donating their space for the events.


Getting a little Shut Eye...

Silly Norbert! We caught him sleeping in the water dish! Norbert is quite a guy, really. He has lots of memories of abuse, so he gets scared so easily! A loud noise, or someone walking into the room even! He likes to smush himself into teeny little spaces, and needs lots of hiding places to feel safe. Norbert also does the "long hop" where he stretches out as far as he can to sniff around in front of him before he commits to the full hop! He has to make sure it's safe! He's my bro though, and he's a good snuggler, we like to smush up together and take turns grooming. He is such a treat hog though, do you know he even tries to take yummy treats right out of my mouth!


Little Bambi

Okay so gather around and I'll fill you all in on the story of our little Bambi. For those of you who don't know, Mom rescued Bambi in October of 2007 when she was brought over by a neighbour who didn't know much about bunnies. Bambi was really sick and had emergency surgery, Mom said her youtermus was full of infection and had to be taken out.
"No, Fez, U-TER-US."
I know, that's what I said. Stop interrupting. Anyway so Bambi was pretty old, about 8 or 9 years when she came to live with us. Mom got her exercising and eating right and Bambi was really sweet and loved to get snuggled. When I came as a baby, I liked to snuggle up with Bam and groom her face, until her fur became nice and shiny, but Abbey was pretty jealous. When we moved the first time, we all went together, but Bambi was kind of sick. So Mom had to keep her on her own and I didn't get to snuggle her anymore.
"You also always tried to eat all her food."
Well, she never ate it right away! Interrupting is rude. When we had to move the second time, we had a real long drive and Mom was worried about Bambi. She had this loud breathing thing, it sounded like she was wheezing all the time, and she was pretty old for a little dwarf bunny. Mom didn't think that Bambi would be able to handle the stress of a long drive. So Mom took Bambi to live with her good friend and wonderful bunny mommy named Debbie. She has lots of bunnies too, and is really nice. We all love her.
Bambi is living now with Debbie and still enjoys snuggles. Mom misses her and so do I, but we are glad that she is happy and safe!
Enough about that... doesn't this picture make my ears look amazing?!


Tuesday Toesday

"Look at those toes! I just want to eat them!"
Mom is such a freak. My toes are pretty adorable, but seriously, who would want to eat a toe? I love to stretch out my front legs and spread them out and dig them into the carpet here! It feels so great. Having a 10 hour drive here was not great, but I guess it was worth it.
On the weekend we had some visitors. We also got this HUGE box, and a big shiny black thing came out, I don't know what the heck that is, but the box sure looks like fun! So my mom and her friends were staring at this thing, and shouting and jumping around like idiots. I don't know WHAT they were doing but it was sure annoying!
"Fez, we were playing the Wii, I told you!"
"You were playing the we what?"
See? Idiots. We just all stretched out and watched them make fools of themselves. Mom is always taking pictures and videos of us and giggling like mad over the normal things we do. This was a time that I wish I could make a video, and show you guys how weird the humans are here at my house!


Thursday Adorable Noseday

Stop using that annoying flash thing, and keep petting us!
You can not resist the pink nose soft fuzziness...


From the Beginning...

Okay so it's been a few months since we posted. September was a busy month for us, Mom decided to move to her mom's house, and she had to let her job know and change her working location. She kept the same job, just moved to a different area. So we moved away, we said bye to her friend and to the Dog-Bunny too. Mom said that her friend was going to keep him and take care of him, so that he didn't get lonely. She whined about missing that Dog-bunny for AGES! She still whines about it, actually. It's very annoying.

Anyway, there was a new Dog-bunny at the new house, but are aren't going to talk about that this time. At the new house, Mom decided it was time for Norbert to stop being so scared all the time and start to live with me and Abbey. She put NORBERT in Abbey's carrier for the car ride, can you believe it? I was so jealous! I rode with Jack, and she was kind of scared. So after the car ride, Abbey and Norbert are all like, "Hey, we're buddies now, we worked it out." I decided that Norbert was okay, Mom said we are probably related somehow since we came from the same place. I felt bad for Norbert because he was already a grown up, and he remembers a lot about the place we came from. So now the three of us are all friends. The Three Amigos! Abbey likes it because she gets lots of grooming! We stayed together at the second new place too, and we are all getting along great.

So we have lots of stories to share, which we will over the next while. To sum it up for those of you who just CAN'T WAIT:

-Said goodbye to Bauer Dog-bunny, mom very sad.
-Had to deal with new Dog-bunny Austin, bunnies very annoyed
-Tried to all be friends with Jack at the new place
-Said goodbye to Bambi... she didn't die, but couldn't take the BIG move
-moved AGAIN

Mom said she went through a lot too, but really I think we have had to deal with most of it.

So here is a picture of Norbert flopped out ON me. Jeez, the things I put up with.



I knew you couldn't wait...

What's that you say? I'm Adorable? Speak up!

We Missed You!

I know that's what you will all say to me when you hear that I am back!

Mom changed jobs and moved, TWICE, but we are now settled in the new apartment. We have CARPET which is wonderful, and new friends to play with too. We are also now living in the US of A! We are in northern Virginia, and Mom really likes the weather here lots better. It's always the same inside, so we can't tell.

We will post some new pictures. Guess how much I weigh now? 12 lbs! But my ears are still ridiculously adorable so I'm sure you will still all love me. I'll update more later and share some of the stories from our big journey!