Hoppy Holidays!

So, we are totally over not going to the top levels. It did torture mom, but they are just so fun! See Norbert enjoying it up there!? He likes to climb down along all the boxes. Wheeeee!
So we thought maybe we should give mom a break. It's not nice to torture her. The other slave was giving her presents too, so we didn't want to be upstaged. He gave her this loud thing, she calls it a dyson. She got all excited and ran into our room and turned on the loud thing, and kept schreeching "it's picking up the hay!!!" while she ran around the room. What a whacko. Anyway, we thought since she has so much fun with this thing, we should make sure she has lots to use it on.
I had this bright idea, to throw all the hay and stuff out of our litter boxes and strew it around the room. Then she could come in with the loud thing and get all happy and pick it all up. Brilliant! So, we have started to regularly do this for her. When she walks by and peeks in and sees the gifts we've given, she says things like, "OH! You BUNNIES!" and then gets the loud thing right away. She must really love it.
Yesterday we did it three times. Let me tell you, on the third time, when she saw how generous we are, she was SPEECHLESS. I'm pretty sure I saw a tear in her eye!
So Hoppy Holidays to you all! I hope you can all do something as nice as this for YOUR humans!


Carmen C. said...

You little stinkers,lol! how thoughtful of you to give momma wonderful messes to be able to use her new machine:) Hoppy new Year to you and your humans!

bunnygirl said...

Cadbury agrees that there's nothing too good for the bipeds.

Hoppy New Year!

Christina said...

Us hoomins get a lot of satisfaction out of those loud sucky things. Dont know why. Hope you and your family of furries have a wonderful New Year.

Glenna said...

Pink, Peaches and Elvis are sorry they didn't think of that special treatment. Happy New Year!

The Bunns said...

Yea Fez .. our 2-foot has TWO shop vacs. We make her use them ALL the time! Keeps her in shape.

d. moll, said...

Stunning, absolutely stunningly brilliant, we raise and empty our glasses in your honor! Happy New Year! (clink).......

RoadBunner said...

Happy holidays!!

Ha ha! I've always wanted a Dyson! I can totally relate to elation over PICKING UP HAY!!!


p.s. Glad the buns are finally happy being upward explorers.

Bethany said...

Just happened upon your blog via some searches and got a giggle.

We just got a rabbit for Christmas, mixed breed from a pet store, and really like her. Just not sure what to do with her. She's sweet, curious and wonderful. She loves kids and people. However; how do you play with her when nothing catches her interest? She's still skittish, but doing really well.

I see lots of blogs where rabbits are free roaming and where the rabbits are far more outgoing and more relaxed and at home like yours.

Would love some tips on playing and working on bonding with a bunny. I know she's happy. She does flips in the air, is always checking things out etc, just haven't really discovered what works for her.