Okay, Okay, I Give!

Gotta give the peoples what they want! Apparently even though I have a charming personality and many great assets, the only thing you vultures care about it my ears!

YES they are fabulous and unique, and really quite impressive! But I just want to be loved for who I am! Anyway, if you'll notice, Flopsy (the left one) now has taken to dipping to the ground, while my right ear is now more the center-of-my-head ear! He really should get a name also...


Tuesday Toesies

I thought you would all enjoy a picture of me with my wonderful toes stretched out. It just feels so good to get a good toe-stretch doesn't it! If it's one thing I've learned from kitty-cats, that would be it. Smart kitties!

I also want to thank everyone for their response to my buddy Benji, he and his family are well on the way to getting the surgery that they need. I'll be meeting him in a few weeks at BunFest 2008 that is being put on here by the group mom volunteers with, Rabbit Rescue. Benji is going to be there too so we will be sure to get some pictures to share!