Benji Needs our Help

Hi Everyone! Today I am posting to ask that you please visit Benji at his blog. Benji was adopted by a loving owner from people who couldn't be bothered to care for him. After the adoption, the new owner found that he has had an ongoing problem in his eye. Had it been treated in the first place, he would have been fine. However, since it has gone on and on, the eye is now so badly damaged that it is blinded and needs to be removed. 

The surgery is extremely expensive. The owner and Benji are in my area and using the vet that Rabbit Rescue Inc. uses, and the surgery for this will cost $1300. 

Please visit Benji to see his story. Luckily he is in a very happy and safe, loving home. He has been bonded and is well cared for and loved. He will get the care he needs, the owners just need a little help! Thanks everyone.

Fez's Mom


It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's...

SuperFez!!! All I need is a cape! How awesome would that be!? Okay second thing, if you all notice, my ears. How could you not? Anyway, the left one there, Flopsy, he has always been a bit floppy. But now, it's like both my ears are just lopsided! My right ears likes to stick stright up on top of my head, while Flopsy tries his hardest to be a loppy ear! Hah!


Munday Bunday

What's better than a bunny in a full on DBF? Nothing I say! Here is my good buddy Norbert demonstrating. He didn't even wake up when Mom took the flasher. Norb and I are getting along pretty good, he is still a bit scared of me when I move too fast! He told me, "Fez you see, I lived in a small cage with other boy bunnies and it was too small for all of us, so sometimes they would fight with me to get more space. You are so bouncy and my nerves just aren't used to it yet!" I hope he gets used to it soon so we can all live together! Well also, Abbey doesn't approve yet. Norbert doesn't understand that she is the princess, and must be groomed first, so he asks for grooms, and she gets mad and boxes his ears! He was older when we got rescued, so he has lots more bad memories than I do. Mom says he is doing great because he loves people and likes to be around us bunnies too, so I think soon we will all move into one huge condo! Yippee!


Bambi's Illness

Hello all and thank you so much for all the well wishes for sweet Bambi! I should have mentioned that her condition is chronic. She was living with a lady with an apartment down the hallway, and the lady asked me to come and help her clip her nails last October. Over the course of hearing about the rabbit, who was presumed to be male by the way, I heard how she had been bounced around several homes, and then her owner asked this lady to care for her while she went on vacation. Well, the owner didn't return from her vacation and so this lady was trying her best to care for Bambi. 

I went over armed with my nail clippers and a few other things to help. There she was, in a tiny cage, full of pine shavings. As I approached she ran to the bars and looked at me just begging for some attention. I reached in and scooped her up and... gasped.

Her stomache was rounded, very hard, and huge. "She needs a vet," I told the lady. "Really? She is sick? What can we do?" I called my vet and made an appointment. It was decided that Bambi would come and stay with me overnight so we could go early in the morning. The lady told me there is no way she could be pregnant, and that she would cover the vet bills. Yeah, right, I thought.

Bambi went in, she had advanced pyometria, they dealt with that and spayed her as well. She had to stay at the clinic for a full week and had a rough recovery. After that, I picked her up and paid the bill. I called the lady, who had now convinced me that I should just take Bambi in to my crew, and updated her. She asked about the bill, and I told her how much it was. Shortly later, a knock on my door. There she was, cash in hand, to cover the cost. Imagine my surprise!

Now here she is, she came with several other problems. Her breathing, as described, is laboured at times and usually wheezy. A result most likely of living in pine shavings for her entire life. She likely got a small infection years ago which didn't become life threatening,  but without treatment has damaged her lungs. Also she is a bit fat, she has lost about 1/2 lb. since I've had her. It's hard since she doesn't move around too much. Bringing me to the third issue, her back leg muscles are very atrophied, result from having such a small cage and lack of exercise. Here, she is happy though, she has her favourite spots, she is free range. Finally I think she is secure enough to start treating her lungs, and so we have her on an aggressive course of antibiotics to see what we can repair. X-rays show extensive damage. She is 10 years old  by my calculations of bouncing between homes. Despite all, she loves people, Fez takes very good care of her and has made her fur gleam, and she enjoys lying stretched out. So that is Bambi's story, a long one but with a happy ending! However long she has with me, I am happy to have known her and to be able to offer her some late-life comforts.


Mom needs to quit her job...

And to focus more on US! She is TOO BUSY! Here is a very adorable picture of me though. We are all doing great, Bambi had to go to the VET and get lots of medicine to try to help her breathe more easily. So far it isn't helping much, but she is doing okay. I am taking really good care of her.
I'll catch up on everyone's blog over the next couple of days!