Catherine: Home at Last

As promised, I'm posting some stories about bunnies that Rabbit Rescue has adopted out, that I have been the adoption co-ordinator for.

First I want to tell you about Catherine. Here she is....
Catherine is very special to me. Partly, it is because she looks a lot like my Abbey. She is also an English Spot, and has a very sweet and loving personality. She has been adopted out and returned to the rescue three times now. The last time, I was very upset with her return. We all thought this girl had finally found her forever home. So, we reposted her on the website, and placed her back in her foster home where she had previously been. This particular foster home is wonderful, and really understands Catherine. Cath even jumps in bed and sleeps with her foster mom. She loves the cats in the home, and loves to play and binky, despite being bounced around so much.
Some of you might remember my post about Snarfy, who passed away tragically. Catherine was returned at about that same time. A few weeks later, while checking out the Rabbit Rescue website, looking at bunny pictures, Snarfy's adoptive mom saw Catherine. She send an email asking about her, and literally I got goosebumps. I knew how hard the loss had been on her, and that she was a wonderful and dedicated bunny mom. When she asked about Catherine, it immediately felt right - I knew they were meant to be together. Catherine has finally found her home forever, and I know that she will stay there and be loved, the way that she deserves!


Safe and Sound... but without bunnies...

Hi all, Fez's Mom here, Amy. I've arrived back at my mom's house safely in Canada. Luckily the weather is beautiful! No bunnies here for me, so I'll have to keep up with my bunny blogosphere for a daily fix. I will get to bunnysit Fluffy McFlufferson and his buddies next weekend while his family is away for a vacation!             

Also while here I do have a doggy companion named Austin, a little mutt belonging to my mom who likes to sleep on my pillow when I am here. In order to provide bunny pictures and some warm and fuzzies for you all, I've decided to post some stories of some of the rescues I have done with Rabbit Rescue over my time volunteering with them. I continue to volunteer even when I am in Virginia, they are a wonerful group and very close to my heart. I have many heartwarming stories from them, including of course all four of my own rascals - but you know their stories!


She's leaving us again....

Yep, she is the worst bunny Mom. She is leaving us with the Other slave again. This time for over a month!

Norbert is so upset he's eating paper... and me?
Passed out in shock. She has to go back to Canada and finish sorting out the whole visa thing. She said she'll be back in July for a bit, but mostly will be back and forth.
We still get attention and treats when she is gone... and this time she better bring us back some really good stuff to make up for being away AGAIN!


Mr. Flopper

Norbert is the King of Flops around here.
He flops around just about anywhere. His paws even stick straight out and he is OUT COLD! He freaks out Mom because when he's out like this, his eyes are still open, and kind of rolled back in his head, haha!
For more flopping action, visit Buttons over at FurryButts.
Norbert! You're Drooling!!!


Monday Bunday, and Happy Mothers Day!

See? There is a heart there, for all the mothers! Okay, it's kind of ripped up. And Abbey's look is a little disapproving. But still, you know, Happy Mother's day! Yesterday.... We're bunnies, what more do you want from us!?
Norbert is feeling much better, thanks to all for the good wishes! Now to answer some questions... No, in the USA we don't have to get any vaccines! Whatever those are! Mom just told me no, and that I should be glad. I guess I believe her. RG... I am too manly for snuggles. If you must though, please include a treat when you send them over! And to PJ... Norbert LOVES ear rubs!!! He is such a suck.
So now back to ME! I'M upset. I have to get brushed again!


The V-E-T

Poor Norbert! He and Abbey went to the vet yesterday. Mom took them in for their check ups. Something was weird with Norbert's teeth though, mom said they were growing in funny in the back. So the vet, he knocked him on the head, and yanked out his teeth!!!
"He did not, Fez."
Well, he might as well have! Okay, okay. So he knocked him out, but not by a smack in the head. And he didn't yank out any teeth. He just trimmed some of them at the back. But when Norbert got home he was all dopey, and look! Tears! He was crying! The vet made him cry!
"That's eye lubricant, Fez. Norbert didn't cry. He was very brave."
SIGH. Fine, Mom. Whatever you say.
Norbert is feeling a lot better now, and he is eating! He said that before, his teeth were bugging him a bit, and sometimes he wouldn't eat all his pellets. Instead he would eat cardboard. Well, more than usual. Abbey got a clean bill of health though!
One thing is for SURE. I am NOT going to the vet. EVER!


Monday Bunday!

YESSSS! Here we are! You have all been so patient.
Mom DID groom us. It was awful. SEE!?

That's just from me and Norbert. We didn't enjoy the grooming. However, we have been enjoying the treats that she's been giving us, since she feels so guilty for leaving! The best part is that she'll be coming and going all summer! Do you know what that means? MORE TREATS! Guilt treats are great!  Here is a picture of Abbey and I chilling out in our castle. Yeah, we have a castle. It's pretty awesome. I made my ear extra floppy for all my fans...

So my weirdo mom also asked me to share some of her artwork. She was pretty pleased with herself. Again, may I say that Norbert and I are. not. impressed.