Monday Bunday... on the ground level

We are perfectly happy, down here, on the floor.

I believe I will continue to drive the Mom crazy by refusing to climb the ramp. Lately she has started to put Jack up in the upper level... I can tell. I can smell her up there. I bet she's leaving little poops as if it's her own area. But it's not hers. It's mine. I just choose not to go up there.


Sneaking up...

I decided to sneak to the second level in the middle of the sleeping time for Mom. But she caught me! I should have known. She always gets up at night to pet us and refill our hay.

I sat really, really still. I thought maybe she wouldn't see me, then I could sneak back down and she would continue to go insane. But she saw me. And got all squeaky, and took my picture.
Well, the joke is on her. I haven't gone back up since! Ha!


Ahhh.... Friday!

We are so glad that it's Friday! We have a pretty tough life you know.

We work so hard sometimes it's hard to find the energy to even eat! Somehow, we manage...
Mom is still harping on us to try going to explore the other levels. We are still note sure. I guess that really intelligent animals, like rabbits, just don't adapt to change very quickly! She has bribed us with treats, and cajoled us, and even put Abbey up on the second level (! can you believe the indignity?!) but we won't go until we are good and ready!
Happy Friday!