A New "Friend"

A couple of weeks ago, we had company come and stay over. It was the Other Slave's mom. Can you guess what she brought with her? A Dog-bunny! He has these funny floppy ears, he must be some kind of lop. Anyway, his name is Russel. He is going to stay with us now. We're not sure what we think of him, and I kind of think the feeling is mutual....

Here he is with Jack. Mom says he's an older guy and we should be nice to him. We don't really bother each other, but you should see him and Jack! It's like this guy doesn't speak rabbit. See, Jack will tell him to GO AWAY with a big scary lunge and a grunt, and you know what he thinks?? He thinks she is playing! He gets this dopey grin and wags his stupid long tail! And he makes this really LOUD noise!

So the rest of us usually just stay still and let him come over and groom us. Then he gets bored and goes away. Not Jack, though. She launches at him in full attack! Yesterday she bit his head. He still thought she was playing. Maybe he speaks some other bunny language.... like Backwards Bunny English or something. Definitely a foreigner.


Monday Bunday, how we've missed you!

We haven't really missed Mondays... but Monday Bunday is another story!
Here are Norbert and I enjoying a cuddle... Until Mom got the stupid camera that is! As far as bunnies go, we have all voted at our house, and decided that Norbert has a HUMONGOUS head. Okay, so I'm 12 lbs of fabulous-ness, and Norbert is only 10 lbs., but look at how much BIGGER his head is than mine!
Anyone else know some big-noggin bunnies? We can have a contest! (Don't worry Norbert we still love you even if your head is mutant-large!)


At Last!

All hail our glorious return!
Mom is finally back in the USA. Actually, she has been back for almost three weeks, but too busy (so she says) to catch up with the blog! We were glad to have her back, though the other bunny slave was very good and took his direction well. Abbey had him eating out of her hand... or rather, hand feeding her so she could eat out of his! She has that effect on humans.
Back to the important part! I sure have missed reading about all of your adventures! It will take me forever to catch up. I don't even have any new photos to share. So I will let Mom fill you in on what she has been up to....
Yes thank you Fez, I am back in the USA. I finally got my visa and am one step closer to my green card. While back in Canada, I had no job and little to do so I began to volunteer at the local SPCA/Humane Society. Where I grew up is a very rural area, and so the shelter was very small and expected to take care of a very large area. We used a converted tractor trailer as the shelter, which had been renovated and insulated, at least half of it, and brought up to code to house people and animals. There were about 70 cats able to be kept at the facility, and more in foster care. Dogs were kept in foster care. The SPCA was also expected to conduct primary investigations and go on emergency and wildlife calls. Since I had nothing else to do, and quickly fell in love with the job of a rescue worker, I devoted most of my time to the shelter for the 11-12 weeks that I was there. In addition, I fostered a little bunny, who came in named "Snow White with Makeup on" but when I discovered it was a male, I renamed him Cooper (think Alice). I do have his pictures to show you...
Cooper having fun with his toys
Cooper visiting the camera
Cooper is a very good bunny, about 5 months old, learned his litter habits after he was neutered and is very playful and affectionate. Every time you pet him he lays down right away, and he gives kisses like crazy. He is still looking for a forever home, so put the word out all you Southern Ontarians!
I got back at the end of August and since then we have bought a condo (2 bedrooms yay!) and we have also just taken in a new doggy friend, named Russel. Russel is an 8 year old Beagle, who is epileptic, but it's under control. He is a very good dog and is getting along well with the bunnies.
Okay okay, you have gone on long enough! We can update you all more another time... now to catch up!