Monday Bunday: All Tuckered Out!

Wow! We all sure had a blast over at Maelstrom's concert this weekend. Thanks so much Ann and Cadbury for all of your hard work raising some money for charity!
It was a lot of fun and excitement, and now, I need a rest! See? Mr. Flopsy ear is so tired out he's completely lopped over!
Being a rock star is hard work!


We will ROCK YOU!

That's right, there is a Bunny Benefit Bash! With a performance from Maelstrom, and a music video featuring some very awesome rock star bunnies (including yours truly)!
Do you know what the best part is? It's all to raise money for bunny rescues. And do you know the even BESTEST part!?
RABBIT RESCUE INC., won the most votes! That means that the proceeds raised at the concert will be donated to them! For those of you who don't know, this is the rescue that Me, Abbey, Norbert, and Miss Jack are all from!
Hop on over to Cadbury's blog for more info...


Monday Bunday!

Five more minutes...
Wait, you are the one that has to go to work, why are you bugging me!?
Mom puts this carrier in our pen sometimes. Fez and I like to get in it together and snuggle up! Mom thinks it barely holds us, but we think it's just the right spot for a good cuddle. Not with her, of course. Only with each other. And no room for Abbey!
She gets grumpy at being left out and we have to give her extra ear kisses later... but it's worth it!


A Sad Loss

When Mom came home yesterday she sat with us for a long time stroking our ears and giving us kisses. She told Norbert and I that we had all lost a friend and we were all very sad for a while. Our friend and brother from the Barrie Bunnies known as Mr. Bingley, or more fondly, as Snarfy, passed away on Monday night.
Mom is very upset as she remembered him very well and transported him from the rescue day to his foster home. He was a big trouble maker (like me) and she always felt he was very special. He was abopted to a wonderful home 5 months ago. He had an accident and was very hurt, and his family made the decision to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge.
We also send our thoughts over to Mel at Evil Bunny Overlord, as she was a wonderful foster home for Bing for several months, and helped him to open up and feel loved.
We will all miss you, Snarfy!


Stupid Flashy-box!

Mom... we WERE sleeping...
Thanks for all the comments about the Barrie Bunnies and our Bunniversary! The other Barrie Bunnies that came in to Rabbit Rescue were adopted out, and have wonderful homes. Many were adopted by their foster homes, because we are very special bunnies!


Happy Bunniversary to all the "Barrie Bunnies!"

One year ago today...

I was one of the baby bunnies taken from the farm. Norbert was all grown up already. Mom began fostering me, but soon fell for my furry adorableness and adopted me. THEN I started to cause trouble! She adopted Norbert in June.

Baby Me! I fit in Mom's hand!

So scared my first night at Mom's... She had to force feed me for about a week!

Look how small I am! From the start, I always liked to stretch...
...and flop!
Here is Norbert, soon after coming to our house, learning to relax!
And he found out he likes to flop too!
All the while, my ears were growing...
And we all know how that has turned out! Mom gave us tons of snuggles and kisses last night and this morning. It was a little embarrassing, really. A year ago today, we were taken out of the "meat farm" and now here we are, spoiled house rabbits. We would all like to thank, from the bottom of our furry feet, Rabbit Rescue Inc., and wish all our fellow "Barrie Bunnies" well today!



We haven't had a pretty Abbey picture up in a while! She gets everything she wants by batting those long lashes and giving a certain look with her big brown eyes...I always give in and groom her!

Tomorrow is a very special day everybun... Can you guess what it is?


Norbert's Beard

See, it kinda looks like a fat chin from this angle... but it isn't! Norbert has a beard! Man, he is so cool.
We had the patio door open all weekend! It was so nice to smell the outsides.


Nonsense and Stuff

Mom says we are getting lazy.

I don't know what the heck she is talking about!

On a side note (it's a side note because it's about MOM and not ME), Mom is going to be setting up some Rabbit Education days with the rescue she is volunteering with here. It's called Friends of Rabbits. She is hoping to have an education day once every month or every two months, over at PetMAC Arlington, who are wonderful for donating their space for the events.


Getting a little Shut Eye...

Silly Norbert! We caught him sleeping in the water dish! Norbert is quite a guy, really. He has lots of memories of abuse, so he gets scared so easily! A loud noise, or someone walking into the room even! He likes to smush himself into teeny little spaces, and needs lots of hiding places to feel safe. Norbert also does the "long hop" where he stretches out as far as he can to sniff around in front of him before he commits to the full hop! He has to make sure it's safe! He's my bro though, and he's a good snuggler, we like to smush up together and take turns grooming. He is such a treat hog though, do you know he even tries to take yummy treats right out of my mouth!