Helpful Bunnies

Yep there's me and Abbey, we are helping Mom unpack the groceries! We took care of the veggies. We are extremely helpful, that's why Mom loves us so much.

We have had a busy week, after the awesome award we got last week, Mom kept on trying to make me and Norbert friends. I don't mind him so much, but he sure is a scaredy-bunny! Every time I move when we are out together he runs so fast and hides in the tent! Sometimes he thumps his foot at me too. Basically I just ignore him. He's only 9lbs anyway, and I'm like, 9.2 lbs already. I'll probably get even bigger. I've found out her tricks of trying to pick me up and take me to the bathtub room to find out how big I am. I haven't let her do it for weeks. She told me I'm looking bigger than Abbey! She is 9 lbs right on... She said this picture makes my butt look big!



Not Served for Dinner... and an Award

So, since this new guy came on the scene my life has been different! He gets this big pen set up in the living room, and he goes on bathtub dates with MY Abbey. Plus, every night I have to get put away in my condo while he gets to run around! I am telling you, it sure is a pain in the ears. Abbey says he's a nice guy, and Mom says once we all bond then we can be out all the time... TOGETHER! Sheesh, now I have to share everything with him. 

I mean, he is kinda familiar. We are probably related somehow because we both came from the same place. Can you believe that if we hadn't been rescued, we would both have been someone's dinner by now? Mom says she can hardly believe that someone would have eaten us without even knowing that we had our own wonderful personalimities. I'm kinda glad that Norbert is here and not in someone's belly, I guess. I think we will get along as long as he learns the RULES... MY rules! He might be older but I was here first!

GOODNESS! Our First Award!

Tyler and Sydney and their Mom have given us the Brillante Weblog Award! We are all very excited for our first award. Now to choose who to pass it on to, not an easy task that is for sure! We will nominate:

1. Furrybutts! The story of three bunns and their, well, furry butts.

2. Zinger: because he has to put up with BDP.

3. Diva Kitty and the Bunns, for bring out the diva in all of us.

4. Fluffy, Binky, Ella, and Scooter - our Rabbit Rescue buddies!

5. Belle, Ferdinand, and Cornelius, ever entertaining.

6. Mario, our new friend over at RoadBunner, who has a funny taste for sitting on things.

7. Hugo and Eve, even if their blogging skills lapse during the summer!

So all you nominees, head over to pick up your award here.

Please take this as the honor that is is and pass it on to some of the sites you enjoy. The rules of accepting are as follows:

1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Thank you very much Tyler and Sydney for our first ever award!


Monday Bunny-Bumday

Abbey saw the picture at DKM's site featuring Orlando's bunny 'tocks, and of course wanted to show him up. Abbey is forever displaying her round rump for all to see! 

Fez has rested up and is settled back in here, Bambi enjoyed some nice snuggles with him. He has been entertaining us with stories of in-flight shenanigans and memories of beloved TidBit. 

Jack enjoyed everyone's comments on her blog but doesn't understand the confusion as to her gender - I know her name is deceiving but so is her sweet face.

Lots going on with the rescue this week, putting something special together and getting out three shelter bunns that now won't be euthanized, but will have a second chance. Also getting settled in with a new foster bunn here, she reminds me a lot of Archi Ann, though I never met her of course. She is a fiesty little dutch with bunnitude twice her size!


Queen Jack

That's me. Queen, get it? If you forget, I will bite you, so take care to treat me as the royalty that I am. Since Fez returns tomorrow, unfortunately, I thought I would take the chance to let you all know and adore the glory of me before you have to go back to listening to his stupid musings. I have been here the longest, I was rescued after living with a family that let their dumb dogs chase me around. I don't like anybunny in MY space, and I especially do not like sharing Mom. I am forced to however, with this ragtag collection of sorry sad rescues. She is such a sucker, sometimes it makes me sick. Mostly I just wish she was with me all the time. She through I would like a friend, and tried to get me to like Norbert. Well I did not like him and his stupid nose poking in at me, trying to be friends, so I bit him. Finally, she got the point. Mom is a little slow sometimes, so I have to encourage her to do things by way. I hahve her pretty well trained now and hardly ever have to bite her. I've got to get going, I do need my beauty sleep. Better get it while I can, once Fez gets back the whole house will be back to chaos. Ta-ta for now.


The New Guy

Hi everyone! My name is Norbert. I am a New Zealand White rabbit! I'm related to Fez, somehow... you see, I am from the same farm that he came from. We were both rescued by Rabbit Rescue Inc. after the farmer got caught keeping us in awful conditions. We were all being raised for meat, but Fez and I are two of the lucky ones.

I was already an adult by the time I got rescued. I don't like to think about it very much. I was used as a "stud" and I'd like to leave it at that. I've had a hard time forgetting. At first I lived with a really nice lady before Mom came and brought me here. I was living in a nice pen beside another rabbit, a girl rabbit named Jack (I know, it's weird). Jack didn't like me though. Mom had to make it so that she couldn't even see me, because she would try to attack me through the bars if she could. I was sort of nervous in there, and I didn't like exploring. Mom was really sad, watching me still unhappy. She feels so bad that I have a hard time forgetting my past. I'm trying though.

A few days ago, Mom decided that Jack was never going to like me, and it would be best for me to move to the living room. She put the others away and let me out. I felt a lot safer out here, so I started to explore right away. Before long, I settled right in. I have met Fez, Abbey, and Bambi, and I think we could be friends someday.

I'm finally feeling comfortable here and I really like my out time every night! I'll keep everyone updated. I'm happy to meet you all!


While Fez is Away...

Hah! That trouble-making Fez is gone on the 7-bunny-7. Okay, I might be a little jealous, but Mom has been so busy that she completely missed the boarding, menu requests, pretty much the whole preparation for thee flight. Luckily, Rabbit's Guy knew Fez wanted to go so he got boarded okay. I don't think he packed though. He'll have to borrow someone's long-johns.

So, we haven't been properly introduced, my name is Bambi. I'm the mature one here. Being wiser, and slightly older than the others, I am much more calm and laid-back. The rest of the crew is crazy. Always trying to break out, chew, and generally cause a ruckus.

Mom brought me home last October, I had been living with a lady who was very nice, but didn't really know how to take care of me. My first owner took me there, and then just didn't come back for me. I was pretty sad, because I lived with her for 6 or 7 years and I though we had a good thing going. Anyway, Mom came to visit, and she saw me, and she brought me to a vet right away. I hadn't been feeling well, but I felt better after a whole week at the vet and then I got to come back to Mom's.
Now I am good friends with Fez, and Abbey and I get along okay most of the time. This is a picture of me in front of our camping tent. It's very cool. I think tomorrow, we will let the New Guy finally introduce himself. He has been living here for a whole month and still a secret! Now, wait in suspense...


My Ears

...Are ridiculous! They are always getting in my way. Especially my left one, that is the droopy one. I call him Flopsy. Don't know if you can tell in the pictures, but my coat is changing a bit too. I used to be all black and now I have some white and brown tips on my fur. It's very disting-wishing.

I have been growing a bit still! Also I got moved in to a new big condo with my girlfriend Abbey. I feel bad because Bambi is all alone but Mom said that she needs some time to herself at night, to get her sleep and also so that I don't eat all of her food! So I give her extra snuggles during the day.

It's getting pretty warm here. We have a huge thingy that makes a lot of noise but helps keep it cool on the really hot days. Mom says it's a hair condishinner. I don't know what hair has to do with it, but it works pretty good!