My Ears

...Are ridiculous! They are always getting in my way. Especially my left one, that is the droopy one. I call him Flopsy. Don't know if you can tell in the pictures, but my coat is changing a bit too. I used to be all black and now I have some white and brown tips on my fur. It's very disting-wishing.

I have been growing a bit still! Also I got moved in to a new big condo with my girlfriend Abbey. I feel bad because Bambi is all alone but Mom said that she needs some time to herself at night, to get her sleep and also so that I don't eat all of her food! So I give her extra snuggles during the day.

It's getting pretty warm here. We have a huge thingy that makes a lot of noise but helps keep it cool on the really hot days. Mom says it's a hair condishinner. I don't know what hair has to do with it, but it works pretty good!


Zinger said...

I love that pic of you Fez. I think your ears are too cool

You're on the flight to nebraska with us all aren't you? you're on the list -


The Bunns said...

Yup .. Fez is aboard. Boy and he taught us so much about what to use when hot ... hair stuff!

We hope he grows into those ears to they are also dish ting wished.

d. moll, said...

Fez, I have the feeling that no matter how much you grow your ears will always make quite a statement. We are truly impressed by them. How nice you are living with your girlfriend, that is very dis-ting-swished as well.

Anonymous said...

There's an ongoing debate about ears over at our place. Yohji thinks lop ears is the best look a bunny can have.. of course, Buttons would never agree. Wait til I show them your ears! They're going to be so envious.. You have the best of both worlds!

DreamQueen said...

Dear Fez

I think my bunn from RR, Sophie (formerly Muzby), is your sister. You have the same great face and ears, in any case.

Friend of the Animals said...

Wow. I have never seen a bun like you before. You are beautiful. I hate to admit it, but you are cuter than any of my buns.