The New Digs

Hi everybun from our new place! Check out our set-up:

There are 6 of those big windows, and lots of space in the rest of the room. Jack has explored a ton. She has even found a spot in the windows to lay in. However..... we three aren't so sure of our new condo.....

See, Mom's put lots of stuff on the second level there, trying to get us to go up there. We remain unconvinced. You can completely forget about the third level at this point.
From Fez's Mom: If anyone has any ideas of how I can entice these cowards to explore their HUGE condo, I'm all ears! I'm tired of seeing them like THIS for half the day:

Squished in one litter box! (Please note.... they are free range in the entire sunroom for 12 hours a day, so still getting lots of exercise.)


I'll Help With Those Boxes...

See, I'm always doing nice things for Mom...

Here I am helping her take care of these moving boxes! I only made a little progress on one corner, before she told me to stop. I guess she didn't want me to over-exert myself. The big move is this weekend!
To answer some of your questions... the humans are moving too!  Mom says we're not going far, just across town.


We are Moving!

Hey bunny rabbits! Guess what?

Yep we are moving! The bunny slaves bought us a bigger place, where the bunnies get to have our own room! No more sharing the living room! A room just for us, the Bunny Room! Rulers of the house! Well, the one room, anyway.

We'll probably be moving over there on October 24th or 25th. But wait... there's more! Check it out...

We are even getting our OWN CONDO!!!! How awesome is that! The three of us will live in the sweet condo from Leith Petwerks above, and Jack is going to have a pen to herself. I can't wait!