What NOT To Say When Adopting a Rabbit

How to Adopt a Rabbit from a Rescue or Shelter:

Rule Number 1

When told the minimum cage requirements, don't tell the adoption counsellor that it seems "too big" for a rabbit. Furthermore, when the adoption counsellor insists that the requirements are the SMALLEST they will accept, and that bunny needs a lot of exercise outside of the cage, DO NOT say, "Well, if I bought a smaller cage, and the bunny didn't get exercise, you would never know, would you?"

I know now, thank you. Application denied.
Today's Lesson: Don't tell the adoption counsellor that you intend to lie on your application.

Asiago, available for adoption from Rabbit Rescue Inc., Ontario, Canada.



Hi Everyone,

I have decided to make some changes to the blog, and also to begin to devote more time to blogging once again. Instead of writing about the antics of strictly Fez and the bunnies, I will be focusing on my life here in Virginia.
I live with my four house rabbits, Fez, Abbey, Norbert, and Jack, my partner, and our beagle. I volunteer with rabbit rescues, the local shelter, and work as a professional pet sitter with a small company.
After much soul searching, a few years ago I quit my career path at the time to work with animals. It is a journey I am still on, as I strive to gain a foothold working in a shelter to help people and animals alike.

Each day I come a tiny bit closer.

Fez and the bunnies here are all well. However, I am quite sad to report that my dear Bambi, who I left back in Canada with my mom due to her age, passed away last week from cancer.

She was with my mom, who loved her very much, and we miss our sweet little girl dearly. She was about 12 -14 years old.