What NOT To Say When Adopting a Rabbit

How to Adopt a Rabbit from a Rescue or Shelter:

Rule Number 1

When told the minimum cage requirements, don't tell the adoption counsellor that it seems "too big" for a rabbit. Furthermore, when the adoption counsellor insists that the requirements are the SMALLEST they will accept, and that bunny needs a lot of exercise outside of the cage, DO NOT say, "Well, if I bought a smaller cage, and the bunny didn't get exercise, you would never know, would you?"

I know now, thank you. Application denied.
Today's Lesson: Don't tell the adoption counsellor that you intend to lie on your application.

Asiago, available for adoption from Rabbit Rescue Inc., Ontario, Canada.


Lo said...

What a sweet bunny! I am an animal nut but have no rabbits at the moment. Hope Asiago gets a good home with a truthful caregiver.

Can't volunteer.......too many critters right now. The possums and raccoons keep having babies.

Glenna said...

Oh, my goodness. People are such assholes, really! Cannot even figure out why people who don't want to bother even bother. Cheez, Asiago--you sure are cute!

d. moll, said...

Can I go break their head lights with a baseball bat? Just kidding, glad that nice bunny didn't go to that "home".

Lisa said...

Jackasses. People can be so, so stupid.

When people say that they could not possibly give them that much space (which happens frequently in NYC), I suggest letting them free range. that generally separates out the people with a legit space concern vs. the "can't be bothered" types.

Friend of the Animals said...

That falls under the category of "people suck".

RoadBunner said...

Oh, wow! If you hadn't been there to hear it, I wouldn't have believed someone would be that dumb (and mean!).

Indydisplays said...
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Anonymous said...

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