The New Guy

Hi everyone! My name is Norbert. I am a New Zealand White rabbit! I'm related to Fez, somehow... you see, I am from the same farm that he came from. We were both rescued by Rabbit Rescue Inc. after the farmer got caught keeping us in awful conditions. We were all being raised for meat, but Fez and I are two of the lucky ones.

I was already an adult by the time I got rescued. I don't like to think about it very much. I was used as a "stud" and I'd like to leave it at that. I've had a hard time forgetting. At first I lived with a really nice lady before Mom came and brought me here. I was living in a nice pen beside another rabbit, a girl rabbit named Jack (I know, it's weird). Jack didn't like me though. Mom had to make it so that she couldn't even see me, because she would try to attack me through the bars if she could. I was sort of nervous in there, and I didn't like exploring. Mom was really sad, watching me still unhappy. She feels so bad that I have a hard time forgetting my past. I'm trying though.

A few days ago, Mom decided that Jack was never going to like me, and it would be best for me to move to the living room. She put the others away and let me out. I felt a lot safer out here, so I started to explore right away. Before long, I settled right in. I have met Fez, Abbey, and Bambi, and I think we could be friends someday.

I'm finally feeling comfortable here and I really like my out time every night! I'll keep everyone updated. I'm happy to meet you all!


bunnygirl said...

Greetings, Norbert! Welcome to the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

Hey welcome Norbert! We are very glad you are here! I'm sorry you had such a rough start though :( But now you'll just be loved and spoiled!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Mr.Norbert. Hello sir. Good to see you have a "story". We like bunnies with interesting things to tell!!!!

d. moll, said...

Welcome aboard, Norbert, you are handsome fellow and looking relaxed in your publicity shot!

Anonymous said...

Hello Norbert! Good to hear you're settling in and making friends already :)