From the Beginning...

Okay so it's been a few months since we posted. September was a busy month for us, Mom decided to move to her mom's house, and she had to let her job know and change her working location. She kept the same job, just moved to a different area. So we moved away, we said bye to her friend and to the Dog-Bunny too. Mom said that her friend was going to keep him and take care of him, so that he didn't get lonely. She whined about missing that Dog-bunny for AGES! She still whines about it, actually. It's very annoying.

Anyway, there was a new Dog-bunny at the new house, but are aren't going to talk about that this time. At the new house, Mom decided it was time for Norbert to stop being so scared all the time and start to live with me and Abbey. She put NORBERT in Abbey's carrier for the car ride, can you believe it? I was so jealous! I rode with Jack, and she was kind of scared. So after the car ride, Abbey and Norbert are all like, "Hey, we're buddies now, we worked it out." I decided that Norbert was okay, Mom said we are probably related somehow since we came from the same place. I felt bad for Norbert because he was already a grown up, and he remembers a lot about the place we came from. So now the three of us are all friends. The Three Amigos! Abbey likes it because she gets lots of grooming! We stayed together at the second new place too, and we are all getting along great.

So we have lots of stories to share, which we will over the next while. To sum it up for those of you who just CAN'T WAIT:

-Said goodbye to Bauer Dog-bunny, mom very sad.
-Had to deal with new Dog-bunny Austin, bunnies very annoyed
-Tried to all be friends with Jack at the new place
-Said goodbye to Bambi... she didn't die, but couldn't take the BIG move
-moved AGAIN

Mom said she went through a lot too, but really I think we have had to deal with most of it.

So here is a picture of Norbert flopped out ON me. Jeez, the things I put up with.


FrecklesandDeb said...

Thanks for the update! Can't believe you guys survived TWO moves! You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! We've missed all of you!! Wow, sounds like everyone has been very, very busy. Yay for bonding! Hans is still not bonded to Buttons & Yohji.. B&Y are still acting aggresive towards H.. I hope they can sort out their differences and be a happily bonded trio someday.

P/S: Love that photo of Norbert sleeping on Fez!! Soooo sweet :) I think Fez secretly enjoys Norbert's company, but don't tell him I said so :p

d. moll, said...

Sounds like everyone and everybun has been through a lot. Be nice to your mom Fez, she had to do all the driving and be sure you buns got fed.

Keithius said...

Behold, the power of a car ride!

bunnygirl said...

You and Norbert look almost like a yin and yang.

Glad you're back!

Rabbits' Guy said...

wow fezy ... that was one grand adventure .. you did a great job reporting .. you have a lot of feeling for a bunny!

YowlYY said...

This was a fantastic update, thanks a lot Fez! I love the way Norbert is flopped on you - he looks so carefree :)
Your mum did the right thing to have Norbert and Abbey share the car ride - Hugo and Miss Eve did the same when they were to be bonded, and it worked really well :)
I am sorry to hear that Bambi was left behind - hopefully she's doing well and she'll be getting other bunny company?

Anonymous said...

wow you've been on quite an adventure. i sure hope you're giving your mom lots of cuddles to help her through missing the dog-bunny and moving and all

and hey, looks like norbert just loves you, totally adorabuhls!