Tuesday Toesday

"Look at those toes! I just want to eat them!"
Mom is such a freak. My toes are pretty adorable, but seriously, who would want to eat a toe? I love to stretch out my front legs and spread them out and dig them into the carpet here! It feels so great. Having a 10 hour drive here was not great, but I guess it was worth it.
On the weekend we had some visitors. We also got this HUGE box, and a big shiny black thing came out, I don't know what the heck that is, but the box sure looks like fun! So my mom and her friends were staring at this thing, and shouting and jumping around like idiots. I don't know WHAT they were doing but it was sure annoying!
"Fez, we were playing the Wii, I told you!"
"You were playing the we what?"
See? Idiots. We just all stretched out and watched them make fools of themselves. Mom is always taking pictures and videos of us and giggling like mad over the normal things we do. This was a time that I wish I could make a video, and show you guys how weird the humans are here at my house!


Glenna said...

Hi! Welcome to NOVA!! Which town do you live in? We live down in Stafford (south of the Beltway), sis lives in Burke (west of the Beltway), I work in DC, although I've worked and lived all over NOVA. How do you like it so far?

YowlYY said...

Lovely toesies!!!
I am sure that Miss Eve and Neville have to say something about how weird I am as well... as said before, I lack the perfection of a bunny, but I am only a bunny slave :)

d. moll, said...

Those toes are absolutely adorable, Fez, I would be satisfied with just kissing them.......

Belle and Ferdinand (Cornelius too!) said...

Looks like a pilates stretch to us..

The Bunns said...

Say Fez. Got any cats there? Now, THEY are weird!

ps - we are all sitting around trying to do that toe spread!

Anonymous said...

Wii! My husband is dying to buy one lol! But I myself am more intrigued by those toesies :D can I squeeze 'em? Gently?

Anonymous said...

yes yes we humans are weird and certainly not as dignified as you lagomorphs with your cute little toes!