Trimming the Roots

In my recent explorations, I have started to relax in a little area beside a big chair that Mom likes to sit in. I don't know what she does there. She looks at another picture box and moves her weird paws on a clicky thing. Sometimes she laughs at it. I have no idea what is so funny but I have already learned that the two-legged bunny people are a bit off. So I just relax here close to her and every so often she gives my ears a nice rub.

Lately there has been this thing like a root that I told you about the other day. It's one of those long cords that tastes funny. It's been right where I want to flop and it just hangs down in my face and hits me in the head when I move. It's very annoying. Last night Mom wasn't home and me and Dad were hanging out, and I showed him the wire. He didn't really get the problem, and laughed when he saw me bopping my head on it. So to better demonstrate my point, I grabbed it in my mouth and pulled it. To my amazement (really!) I bit it in half.

So Dad definitely stopped laughing then. He said something about a self-own cord and having to get a new one. But I don't think he was very upset, because when Mom got home, he showed her and they both laughed about it, and said I was silly. Dad went out and he said he got a new one and he would keep it away from me! That's great. That is all that I wanted, after all. He also told me that I owe him fifty bucks. Well, I said to him, I can't count that high! Then I gave him a foot flick as I hopped away. Hrmph, that's what I get for cleaning up their cordy-messes. Anyway I don't know what a buck is, but if it's anything like a binky I'm pretty sure I'll have it made up to him by the end of today.


The Bunns said...

You will, no prob! 2-foots are suckers for binkys.

FrecklesandDeb said...

Sometimes a bunn just has to take things in its own paws (or mouth depending upon the situation!) Good job there with that cord!