Aw, Mom...

Mom is always getting me into trouble! It's just past 11am here and so far today here is a list of what I've gotten her mad over:

-Jumping on Bambi
-Trying to take Bambi's treat
-Jumping on the coffee table
-Pushing stuff off of the coffee table
-Jumping on the chair to lean over to the kitchen table to chew on some paper atop the table
-Trying to break into Abbey's condo
-Using the corner by Abbey's condo as a litterbox
-Sneaking into the bedroom to bug Jack
-Sneaking into the closet in the bedroom
-Climbing into the bookshelf
-Chewing books while in the bookshelf
-Moving the blockade in front of bookshelf books in order to chew books on the bookshelf
-Tormenting foster bunny Betty
-Chewing Mom's pants
-Digging in Mom's pants
-Chewing various cords in my way
-Trying to squeeze behind the TV table (I used to fit! They shrunk it!)
-Repeats of several of the above

Mostly I think it's funny to get Mom all, "Fez!" (claps her hands!) "Stop that!" Then she goes on a rant about baby bunnies being trouble makers... hey, who is she calling a baby!?


DK & The Fluffies said...

I see nothing wrong with what you've listed there... ~Fiona Bun

YowlYY said...

I can vouch for shrinking spaces...humans do that to us to make us mad. I just say try harder to squeeze in!
- Miss Eve (I am smaller than Hugo and can fit almost everywhere!)

The Bunns said...

Hey .. it all sounds pretty normal to us ... wonder what her prob. is??? Maybe you should just go ahead and poo in her shoe.

d. moll, said...

OK, Fez, listen up, we know because we are a year old and so mature. The list of things you got there is great but you got to add to it, that way you can drop some of those "behaviors" and still express your bunitude. And it's always fun to drop something and when human's least expect it, do it again! You keep having fun-Tyler and Sydney

FrecklesandDeb said...

I can't understand what your mom is getting all upset about -- everything you listed sounds perfectly bunny-appropriate to me! A bunn's got to do what a bunn's got to do (and that's anything a bunn wants to do =:-)

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

i can't add to any of the comments! you are doing great, and your cutitude is on your side! ;-)

buggins said...

Oh, I adore the ears... hubba wha?
Oh! Hi! Thanks for visiting us!

Yeah, how else does she expect you to act anyhow? Geez, you're bunderful! Keep up the super work, ok?

Glenna said...

Many of those things are going on behind me AT THIS MOMENT--especially sneaking into the bookshelf to chew the books.

buggins said...

TAGGED for a name meme! Sorry for tagging you twice in one weekend, but I can't control when I get tagged! Ha ha! Come to my place for details... *binkies*