Fez Has Joined Abby at The Bridge

Hi Everyone,

I know that I don't post much anymore, and haven't since Abby passed away. However, I still follow many of your blogs, and know that some of you have been wondering how we are doing.

Recently, Fez passed away. His loss has been very hard. We believe from the bloodwork that the lump that was on Fez's face was likely a secondary tumor and that he had cancer. The cancer also seemed to have prompted some kind of auto-immune response because his white blood cells were completely messed up, and his red blood cells were "chewed up" and extremely low. Although I am comforted that I did all that I could for him, and that in the end there would not have been any way to save him, I still am in shock over the loss of my "baby." Fez was the youngest of my rabbits and I did begin to foster him when he was just a baby, maybe 6 weeks old. He was a Barrie Bunny, rescued from a deplorable meat farm in March of 2008 along with about 300 rabbits. His buddy Norbert was part of the same rescue, though Norbie was an adult. Norbert is doing well. The vets were amazing at the end, and allowed me to bring Norbert to say goodbye. We all sat on the floor in a nice room together, and I told Fez how much I loved him, and held him as he died. I will miss him every single day.

Fez was an amazing rabbit, full of personality. Despite the fact that I had to hand feed him while he was a baby, he grew up not particularly "needing" me. He had Norbert, and also Abby who passed away in October 2010. He always preferred to snuggle with them instead of me, but was always full of hilarious antics to keep us all entertained. With his goofy ears, you could not help but smile and laugh, even as he got into the worst trouble (like eating my birth certificate... after jumping onto my kitchen table to do so...). Fez had cocked ears, always, that pointed out 5 o'clock... reminding us that it really is 5 o'clock somewhere. I always said that was his motto as he really did grab life and live each day, always having fun. He ate all the best bits of hay first, loved to make messes in order to binky around when I "yelled" at him, and really had a pure heart as he was such a good friend to Abby and Norbert. He taught me a lot about living life, as all our small friends do, although his was much too short.

I will continue to check in and follow many of your blogs. I may even share more in the future. But I want to thank you for thinking of us, it means a lot to know that people out there were as touched by Fez as I was.



Glenna said...

Oh, Amy, I'm so sorry that you have lost dear Fez. My thoughts are with you. Such a hard thing.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I'm so sorry. Fez was a magnificent boy with the most bunnerful ears around. The bunny world is a little sadder today.

PJ said...

So sorry to hear this, Keating and I have you in our prayers.

BipolarBunny said...

I am so sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was a great bunny. Hang in there.

kelinci said...

Sorry ...