The Biggest Rabbit I've Ever Seen

So I live with some other rabbits, and this is a picture of me with Bauer. Bauer is the BIGGEST RABBIT I HAVE EVER SEEN! Now, I know I'm not very old yet, but when I was a baby I lived with hundreds of other rabbits. Mom said that they were all very big types of rabbits because we were being raised to be eated by humans before we got saved (some humans are GROSS! Who would eat a rabbit?)

Okay, so anyway the rabbits I used to live with were all really big I thought. But Bauer is at least like, 4 times bigger than them. Maybe even more. Mom says he is a "dog" but I'm not sure what kind of rabbit breed that is. I have only heard of a few breeds like lion-face, and New Zeppelin, or something like those. I'm not really sure, but the Dog Rabbit must for sure be the biggest kind of rabbit.

Bauer isn't really like other rabbits either. He doesn't use the litter box, Mom ties him on to a big rope and takes him outside to go to the bathroom. Also he always listens to Mom! What a sucker. She is like, "Sit, Bauer!" and he actually does! If she told me to sit I would just flick my feet at her, or maybe groom my face to show her that I don't care what she says! But then he does get treats when he does what she says. Maybe she doesn't feed him anything else, I don't see his food bowl. Also he chews on this big smelly thing called a Bone. He is always stealing me hay, but I don't say anything because he is so big. He isn't very good at chewing, I think he is missing his front teeth or something weird like that because he eats really funny. Oh, plus, he has this big long tail! Yeah, I know, it's so freaky! I like to run up and grab it, then run away really fast and go under the table. He can't get under there because he is so big.

I mean, he is really strange for a rabbit, but Dog Rabbits are pretty nice mostly, even though they are clumsy and kind of smell. He is a pretty good snuggler too.
I feel like he'll always take care of me and make sure that I'm safe. So even though he is huge, stinky, acts weird and always does what Mom says and sometimes takes my hay right from my dish, he's pretty much okay.

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