Aha! A discovery

So Mom and Dad have these funny things instead of paws, they call them "hands." Anyway whenever these hands came close to me I used to be kinda scared. THe old hands I knew were really rough and smelly, and usually grabbed my family members and hurt them. But not here! I have started to realise that Mom and Dad have very soft hands and never hurt me. Still I sometimes run away when I see them, because I know they might try to pick me up and ruin the fun I've been having chewing the carpet!

Lately though, the hands come and start to rub my ears and face, so gently. It makes me remember how my Bunny Mom used to nuzzle me and give me kisses. Mom scratches my nose and makes a goo-goo baby voice. Don't tell her but I really like it, it makes me feel safe and loved. When she rubs my face, now I just lie down and close my eyes. I fall right to sleep! I never knew that hands could be so soothing.


FrecklesandDeb said...

Freckles really like to have her nose rubbed and sometimes here head! But she doesn't really like to be touched many other places!

We tell about our adventures at our blog, The Adventures of Freckles and Deb, Bunny Bloggers. Deb & I each tell the story from our own viewpoints (sometimes we differ in our recollections of how things happened!) We hope you will come to visit us.

We are going to put up a link to your blog so that we can find our way back here to keep up with your story!

bunnylover said...

Hi Fez! It's your fellow bunny-blogger Fluffy! I just wanted to pop in and say how much I like your blog! Here's a hint - the more trouble you get into, the more you can write about! Don't tell your Mom I said that.

Don't tell my Mom either.

Hoppy blogging!