Tabletops are for Food

So sometimes I get really excited in my condo, I just get this feeling of inertia and I have to MOVE! And sometimes, I like to jump off the top floor and out onto the Dog's Chair. Well, today, I jumped out another way... I landed on this big, flat surface. I've seen Mom and Dad sitting there sometimes. Most of the time it is just covered up with lots of papers though.

Anyway I was all full of spunk and excitement and finding this new place, and Mom was standing there, watching me with this little smirk like "Well, what are you going to do now?" So, being a bunny, and so full of joy, my feet started twitching and my heart started jumping and I started to binky like I was on hot coals!

Mom swooped in, caught me with one hand and promptly put me on the floor.

Hrmmph. I flicked my feet at her and ran under the coffee table, feeling sulky. She peeked in to me and said, "FEZ, Tables are for food, not for bunny binkies! What if you fell off the edge?"

I was still sulky so I turned my back on HER until she went away. But I checked over my shoulder at the Table. It really is high. It's higher than my condo and the Dog's Chair. I guess she's right. Just... don't tell her, okay?

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