Hide and Seek

There is a game that I love to play with Mom. I will find a really good spot to hide and wait for her to come and get me. It has to be a really weird spot, like under the radiator (too bad I don't fit there any more!) or I sneak into her sleeping room and hide under the bed, and I have other spots she doesn't even know about that I need to keep a secret. Then when she comes out looking for me, and I hear her calling my name, I know the fun has started! She calls a few times, then her voice gets all high, and really loud, and she rushes around the house looking in funny places like the closet. Duh, Mom, I can't open doors! Then I will pop out into the middle of the room and act like I have been there the whole time! It's so funny how she acts, I just shake my ears and giggle!

Sometimes I fall asleep waiting for her to come and find me. Then she really goes around rushing! By the time I wake up she is like a bunny herself, hopping around and sounding very upset. I don't know what she is thinking, maybe that I left her but why would I do that? I have pretty bunnies to play with, food and water, and even the Dog-Bunny isn't that bad. Anyway when I finally come out, she will say, "Where have you been! You are a bad little bunny!" She is petting me and usually gives me a treat so I can't be that bad. Jeez, Mom, I can't tell you where I was... that sort of ruins the whole point of the game!


FrecklesandDeb said...

What a great game! I've played that game a few times myself ... love to hide behind the table by the couch! Deb hasn't caught on that it isn't blocked off!

Check out today’s post on our blog! I tagged you for a book meme.

Mindy Lu said...

We used to have a little tiny black furry member of our pack that would hide from mommy like that. Not only did she fall asleep, but I think she was hard of hearing to. But she sure knew when I was near and would let out the WORSE sound, sort of like "MMMEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW"! But she is not around anymore, which made mommy sad for awhile.
--Sasha the Princess

The Bunns said...

Yup, one of our old pals could slip behind the dishwasher and then all holy excitement broke loose because he was all gone .. but all of a sudden he would scoot out in the middle of the kitchen floor like he had been there the whole time.