I want a Birthday Party

This week we had a birthday party for one of the bunnies! It was for Dog-Bunny, his name is Bauer. He is 2 years old, that sure is old. I'm only 12 weeks old! Mom and Dad got him some peanut butter cookies from a really fancy store called Bark and Fitz, that said "Happy Birthday" on them. He also got a really big stinky thing they called a beef knuckle. Boy, did that smell disgusting! Bauer really likes to chew on it too. He comes over and plunks it down beside me and gnaws away, as if I would want him that close! Mom says he is trying to share, and since he likes it so much he doesn't understand why I wouldn't want some too. I was pretty jealous of all the stuff Bauer got, and tried to take some of his cookies! Mom gave me some delicious pieces of dried pear instead.

I've decided that I can't wait until it's my birthday! I have to wait a long time though, it won't be until next January. Being so far away, I will have a lot of time to think of things that I want for my birthday! A big smelly beef knuckle will definitely not be on the list.


The Bunns said...

Well Fez ... maybe you could start one of those meme things where we could all come up with ideas for stuff for your birthday. Nothing like starting planning early.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Hmmmm we haf never had beef knuckle. We did your tag contest Fez. Mom always has a book around ~The FLuffy Tribe